Calendar of Events for 2019-2020 School Year
August - 2019

August 29th - Parent Orientation 

September - 2019

September 2nd - Open House 

September 3th - First Day of School

September 6th - Popcorn and Popsicles Sale

September 27th - Western and Grandparents Day

October - 2019

October 4th - Saint Francis Day Celebration 

October 7th- Childrens Rosary K-1

October 9th - LIfetouch School Pictures

Octobber 11th - Jog-A-Thon

October 14th - Columbus Day (NO SCHOOL)

October 16th - Chuck E Cheese Family Fun Night

October 25th - Harvest Day (Free Dress) 

October 31st - All Saints Day/Halloween Celebrations and Pictures

November - 2019

November 1st- Lice Check

November 4th - Children's Rosary - Led by K-2

November 6th - Life Touch Picture Make-up Day

November 11th - Veterans Day No School

November TBD - Scholastic Book Fair

November 22nd- Fiesta Festival No School

November 25th- Nursery Rhyme Day

November 26th -  Friendship Salad

November 27th - Thanksgiving Break

December -2019

December 2nd - Children's Rosary - Led by PK-1
                           Christmas Pictures

December 12th - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 17th - Last day of Christmas Grams

December 20th - Christmas Celebrations Last Day of School

January - 2020

January 6th - School Resumes - Children's Rosary - Led by PK-2 

January 9th - Valentine's Dance Invitations go out

January 20th - No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observed

January 30th & 31st - Parent Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL)                                

February - 2020

February 3rd - Children's Rosary - Led by N-1

February 8th - Valentine Dinner Dance

February 14th - Valentine Celebrations/50's Day Free Dress

February 17th - President's Day (NO SCHOOL)

February 22nd - Grandparent's Day

February 20th & 23rd - CCD Congress (NO SCHOOL)

February 25th - Fat Tuesday

February 26th - Ash Wednesday

​March - 2020

March 2nd - Children's Rosary - Led by N-2 

March 5th - K-1 Spelling Bee

March 6th - K-2 Spelling Bee

March 13th - Staff Retreat (NO SCHOOL)

March 23rd - Easter Pictures & Egg Hunt

March 27th - Cap and Gown Pictures

March 28th - Parents Retreat

April - 2020

April 3rd - Lice Check

April 6th - Children's Rosary - Led by N-3

April 7th Easter Celebrations
                 Last Day of School

April 8th - April 19th Easter Break (NO SCHOOL)

April 20th Back to School

April 22nd - Earth Day

April 29th - Spring Picture

May - 2020

May 1st - May Crowning

May 4th - Children's Rosary - Led by K-1 

May 8th - Hawaiian Day Raffle

May 22nd - Kinder Olympics

May 25th - Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

May 28th - K-1 Graduation Dress Rehearsal​

May 29th - K-2 Graduation Dress Rehearsal

June 2020

June 1st - Children's Rosary - Led by K-2

​June 4th - No school for Kinder Students

June 5th - Kinder Graduations
                 No school for Pre-Kinder and Nursery Students

June 8th - Talent Show

June 9th - Thanksgiving Mass

June 10th - Movie Day/Pajama Day

June 12th - End of the Year Parties
                   Last Day of School

*Please note that all dates listed are subject to change.  Please consult the most recent 
Newsletter or Calendar
for the most up to date information.

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