Service Hour Commitment

Poverello believes that a parent’s presence and support for the school are critical for a child’s development. Parents’ participation in their child’s school plays an important role in the student’s ability to reach their full potential. Service Hours are intended to be an opportunity for parents to participate in their child’s activities as well as a venue for school support.


There are many opportunities to volunteer and support Poverello of Assisi Preschool. Parents and family members are encouraged to participate throughout the year.

Every family has the option of volunteering for 20 hours, buying out their hours or may combine both; volunteer a portion of their hours and buy out the remainder. Service hours requirements are per family so a family with more than one child enrolled is only required perform 20 hours a year but all families are welcome to perform more then the 20 mandatory hours.   

Hours will be verified by assigned board members and classroom teachers however final service credits will need the approval of the principal. Hours of service can only be submitted via the the Poverello of Assisi Service Hour Voucher. The form can be printed at the bottom of the page, printed copies are also available in the school’s office. Please contact the school office at 818-364-7446 or PTO Secretary with any questions.

Volunteer opportunities are not limited to the parents’ 20 hour service commitment; we invite the community to support our school and students.  

    - Planning
    - Set-Up
    - Fundraising    
    - Donations
    - Clean-Up
    - Other as needed

School Fundraising  
Classwork: during & after school hours
Formal School Donations 
Valentines Dinner Auction item  purchase 

General Volunteering Opportunities include: 
​•Open House
Monthly Children’s Rosary
Western Day
Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser
Popcorn/Food/Items Sale  
Harvest Festival
Halloween Celebration
Nursery Rhyme Performance
Grandparents’ Day
Hawaiian Day
La Virgen de Guadalupe          Celebration
Christmas Celebration
Valentine’s Day Celebration
Easter Celebrations
May Crowning
Special Events’ Pictures
Talent Show
Kinder Olympics
Kinder Graduation
Kinder Parents’ Retreat


"Form to build a fraternal world"
Events Include