Poverello of Assisi has many in school and after school activities where students and parents can participate such as the Blessing of the Animals, Crazy Hat Day, 50’s Day, Western Day, Fall Harvest Festival, Jog-a-Thon, Valentine Dinner Dance, Spelling Bee, Chuck E. Cheese events, Easter Egg Hunt and our very special Christmas Programs.  

Do you have a child attending Poverello?  Click on our Photo Album Page to view acitivies by year. 

*Also, if you are curious as to what extra activities your child may be participating in during the week (PE, Phonics, Music, Computer, Smartboard etc.), please take a look at the Daily Class Activities Pages for the Morning and Afternoon Sessions.

Our Mission

To provide our students a quality education while fostering a love of God, respect for oneself and others, understanding of the Roman Catholic faith and to provide a safe, nurturing environment for academic learning.  The cognitive of a creative thinker is included in all the curriculum, where the emphasis is learning the "HOW" compared to learning the "WHAT". An emphasis is also placed on building a personal relationship with God through which the whole child is allowed to develop spiritually, academically and socially.


"Form to build a fraternal world"