Our Message
Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Poverello of Assisi Preschool wants to make learning a remarkable time for your child. Our methods of education are built on a strong foundation, where the children will have the opportunity to grow and be able to succeed in life by discovering their abilities, gifts, and using their imagination in order to accomplish their purpose in life. 

As a Catholic school with consecrated persons as Teachers, we put God first in our daily activities and cultivate devotion to our Blessed Mother and promote the lives of the Saints. 

I also believe that Parents are the primary educators of their children. During the school year there will many events where you can participate and become in your child's education. I pray that you will be able to attend and join in your child's firsts years of education here at Poverello; I know you will show interest in your child's education by: 

  • ​Asking how involved your child felt in school
  • Knowing about your child's learning activities
  • Reading books to your child
  • Helping with homework
  • Encouraging positive learning skills 

I truly believe that we need God and feel his presence in our life so I encourage you to pray with your child and assure him/her that God walks with each one of them. 

My prayers and love for all the children in the world, but especially for those who come to Poverello of Assisi Preschool.

In Jesus Christ, 
Sister Veronica Sanchez

"Form to build a fraternal world"