Our Message
Dear Parents and Guardians,
All of us at Poverello Of Assisi Preschool would like to make this a successful and memorable time for your child.   Our proven methods of instruction, will build a strong educational climate and motivate your child toward continued learning.  Our curriculum is designed to develop positive self-esteem. We work to nourish and sustain emotional health and physical growth.
Our instructors foster social interaction, encourage creativity and develop language skills.  We promote the development of their dependence upon God, moral, physical and intellectual abilities and the desire to become good citizens and faithful members of the Kingdom of God.
We also recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children. There will be many opportunities throughout the school year to become involved in your child’s education.  We hope you will take the time to make these activities part of your schedule.  We realize that not all parents or guardians can attend all school functions, but we encourage you to demonstrate to your children that you’re interested in their schoolwork by setting aside a few minutes each day to:
* listen while your child describes school day activities
* read to your child
* listen while your child reads to you
* help with homework
* encourage positive learning activities
I feel it is important for the children to know that God’s love is constant in their lives and they can count on His loving embrace to surround them always.  I will strive toremind them of this everyday.    
Sincerely in Christ,Sister Mary Fatima GuevaraPrincipal
Our Message
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